Rock Drills

YT28 Jackleg Drill

The YT28 jackleg drill is used to drill horizontal and inclined blast holes in medium-hard rock with a hardness of f=8~18
It may also be for making roof bolting holes. The drill is an important instrument in mining, railway, communication and water conservancy projects
The jackleg drill can also be used together with FT160BC or FT160BD Air-leg and FY200B Line Oiler with transparent casing. The tool can also be mounted on a rig or a wagon

Grouped control mechanism, quick to start up with〝air-on, water-on, air-off〞 mechanism, making it easy to handle and maintain
Low noise
Small vibration
Highly interchangeable parts with long service life
Reliable performance

Different form similar products particularly in its high efficiency, strong flushing and powerful torque

Air pressure: 0.63MPa

Y24 Hand-Held Rock Drill

The Y24 handheld rock drill is suitable for drilling downward and inclined blast-holes in medium hard and hard rock with a hardness of f=8~18

It is an ideal tool for rock drilling operations in small open-pit quarries, mines, water conservancy projects and road building in hilly areas, as well as secondary blasting in large mines.

The incorporation of a FY200B Line Oiler with transparent casing provides automatic lubrication during operation

Grouped control mechanism
Quick to start up with “air-on, water-on, air-off” mechanism
Easy operation and maintenance

In addition to having the excellent performance of the YT24, it has a stronger flushing power.

Y20 Hand-Held Rock Drill

. Model Y20 Hand-held Rock Drill is intended for drilling downward and inclined blast holes in medium hard and herd rock (f=8~18)
. The rock drill is mainly used in small quarries, construction mines in mountain areas, water conservancy works in capital construction, and for secondary blasting in large mines and other projects. The Model FY200B Line Oiler is incorporated for lubrication during operation.

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