HDD Drill Pipe (Integral Type)

Material use OCTG, reliable performance;
Using a unique tool joints twice thicker molding technology;
Transition band is smooth , which can reduce resistance through the mud;
Thread of joints liquid nitrogen treatment, surface hardness higher, thereby pipe life is longer.

Material use OCTG, Pipe end upsetting meet API standard; Thicker tube body quenching and heat treatment, Steel Grade up to G105 or S135;
Welding area using thermo mechanical treatment, welding performance conform to API SPEC 7 Standard.

 Winged Reamer (Φ200—Φ1800)
Suitable for hard soil strata and strong-mantle rock formations.
Connection with drill rod: direct connection with drill rod; octagonal connection
Connection with pipeline: with and without swivel

Sub actuator
By using the latest optimization design, greatly improving the
service life of the actuator, and minimizing the risk of the construction.

Slider & Shackle
Slider using alloy steel and heat treatment,
the shackle using bow cross pin with nut for high safety.

Oriented Drill
Oriented drill (2 3/8 ~ 6 5/8FH)
Connection: Direct connection with drill pipe, octagonal connection, side-opening
Signal bar handling mode: rear-mounted, side-mounted

Cutting Blade
The user can choose different cutting blades according to different
geological conditions to improve cutting efficiency of the reamer.

Drill Collar
Using heat-treated high quality alloy
steel, high strength and durability.

> Reamer
Ripper Reamer (Φ200—Φ1800)
Suitable for soft soil strata.
Connection with drill rod : direct connection
with drill rod; octagonal connection;
Connection with pipeline: with and without swivel.

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