Impregnated Diamond Bits

The impregnated diamond bits are the most commonly useful bits in the mineral exploration industry, as impregnated diamond bits have the widest range of application. The carefully selected grades of high quality synthetic diamond are distributed in the depth of impregnated bit’s matrix series. The matrix layer of the crown contains a uniform distribution of these crystals that are embedded in a powdered metal bond. The matrix of our impregnated diamond bits is designed to expose new diamonds to the bits’ cutting face as wear occurs. Fast penetration rate is maintained as a result of this action, Our impregnated diamond bits are manufactured to give optimum penetration rates and bit life, which is required to keep the coast of diamond drilling to a minimum.

The optimum diamond size, concentration and matrix type are dependent on the hardness and abrasiveness of the formation to be drilled.


Remarks: The above comparison is based on the similarity between our bits and other companies’ bits. This table just for your reference, when ordering bits, please choose bits according to you rock formations.

Surface-Set Diamond Bits
Nature diamond surface set bits differ from impregnated bits, they are only set with a single layer of natural diamonds utilizing a hard matrix compound on the face of the bit. Its waterways are usually shallower than an impregnated bit because of the single layer of the diamonds. Surface-set diamond bits are primarily recommended for use in drilling relatively soft, abrasive, unconsolidated formations that are not effectively drilled by impregnated diamond bit. They are also recommended for use in drilling harder formations where the available rotational speeds and bit load are insufficient to use impregnated diamond bits due to drilling equipment limitations.
We manufacture a wide range of surface set bits, which includes a variety of bit crowns, diamond grades and sizes, designed to provide the biggest cutting efficiency in various rock formations. Some bits are designed with face discharge holes to minimize core wash when drilling in soft and fractured formations.
Diamond Size Selection: The harder the rock is , the smaller the diamonds we should use.
The amount of diamonds is one of very important factors to the bit cutting efficiency, Our engineers use mathematical formulae to set each diamond on bit cutting area to ensure proper overlap with a minimum of diamonds to keep the initial bit cost as low as possible in a balance design.

Reaming shell
The reaming shell is set with natural or synthetic diamond, and it is used to couple the drill bit with the core barrel. Its main function is to ream the hole to the correct constant specific diameter which ensures adequate clearance for the core barrel and sufficient clearance for the new bit which replaces an old one. It also acts as a stabilizer for drill bit. We can produce reaming shells with 6”,10”and 18” length.
Reaming shells (with double pads or three pads) are suitable to use in all formation conditions ranging from broken and abrasive to consolidated and non-abrasive. As this kind of reaming shell is physically longer than the standard type, it is necessary to use an appropriate inner tube extension in order to compensate for the difference in overall reaming shell length.
Combined high quality and design make our reaming shells the best in the industry. With several different types, we’re got you covered no matter what your requirements are.

Tungsten Carbide Bit
This type of bit uses tungsten-carbide as the cutting media.
Tungsten-carbide does not possess the hardness of diamond and as much has a limited range of application as a core drilling cutting media. Tungsten-carbide bits are however a very cost-effective means of drilling softer unconsolidated formations

Regular Tungsten Carbide Core Bit
These bits are set with rectangular-shaped or octagonal-shaped tungsten-carbide elements that are
physically embedded into the crown of the bit. The bit crown itself is composed of a tough, wear resistant metal-bond matrix material. The application of this bit is primarily in geotechnical soil investigation or for core drilling in overburden layers that are mainly composed of clay, sand, gypsum or soft shale.

Broken Carbide Bit
The cutting media used in this type of core bit are crushed tungsten-carbide that are bonded in a metallic alloy, this type of core bit has more cutting edges than the regular tungsten carbide bit (TC bit) and as such have a wide range of application in some formations. This bit is similar to impregnated diamond core bits in that the bit crown is composed of several layers of cutting media. The bit face regenerates itself with new cutting edges by wearing away
the metallic alloy during operation to continually expose new layers of carbide-chips until the bit crown is consumed.

TSP Core Bits
The TSP core bits are set with thermally stable polycrystalline cutters, mounted in the bit crown matrix. The bit is extremely tough and will cope with massive or broken formations, from soft to hard, highly abrasive formations.With consistent performance across a wide range of formations, this kind of bit offers a very cost-effective drilling solution in many circumstance, and at the same time allows bit inventory costs to be much reduced.

Drag bit
Drag bit is manufactured from forged high quality alloy steel and premium tungsten carbide insert, plus state of art welding technology to provide highest penetration rate and longest life. Drag bits can be used for many soft rock formations like sand, clay etc. We supply drag bit with three wings or four wings, step type and chevron type. The size is from 2” to 17 1/2”

Sonic Bit
Our sonic bits are manufactured from premium quality materials and field tested under a variety of conditions to ensure excellent performance and resistance to wear. Customer’s special bit designs and thread profiles are available on request

Wireline drill rod
Our wireline drill rods are manufactured from the best quality heat-treated seamless steel tubes according to S135 Steel Grade standard. Ultimate tensile strength, high precision and good straightness provide the best performance under different drilling conditions. Case hardening on rods end protects thread connecting and increases its wear resistance and rod life. The standard effective lengths of drill rods are 3.0&1.5 meters. Other lengths can be manufactured according to customer’s special requirement. We have many years of experience in manufacturing coring drill rods, and we try to provide you with the most cost-efficient products.

Core Barrel & Overshot
We offer a complete line of single & double and triple tube core barrels, which will provide superior performance and obtain the full recovery of the sample in any application of diamond core drilling.
Using a wireline system, core is recovered quickly by retrieving the inner tube directly through the drill string. The rods remain in the hole until the bit needs to be replaced. This has big cost advantages when drilling deep holes for mineral exploration.
The core barrel assembly is composed of the inner-tube group and outer-tube group.

The inner-tube group collects the core sample during the drilling process and is independent from the outer-tube group. The outer-tube group always remains at the bottom of the hole and houses the inner-tube group during the drilling process. The standard wireline double tube inner-tube group is composed of Head Assembly, Inner-tube, Core lifter case, Core lifter, Stop ring.
The outer-tube group is composed of the remain of the core barrel components: Locking coupling, Adapter coupling, Outer-tube, Landing ring, Inner-tube stabilizer.
Standard Wireline Double Tube Core Barrels are ideal for use in most of the drilling conditions and are available for application in standard hole sizes(B,N,H,P).
Wireline Triple Tube Core Barrels enable integral core recovery when drilling coal, clay bearing or highly fractured formations. The split retain the core sample in its received state for easier loading into sample trays or for storage and subsequent presentation to the geologist. The Triple tube Core Barrels is available in N,H and P sizes.

When the inner-tube is full, device called an overshot is lowered down the hole via a wireline cable and brought to the surface by use of a winch. Once the inner-tube assembly is at the surface, an empty inner tube is lower into the hole so drilling can resume. An overshot is available for each size of core barrel.

Wireline Core Drilling Tools
We can supply a complete system of wireline core drilling equipment. Just feel free to contact us once you have enquires.

PDC bits
We manufacture different types of PDC Coring and Non-coring bits, which are widely used from soft to medium hard rock formations. PDC bits we manufactured are always with good cutting, fast penetration and long bit life, so they’re preferred by our domestic and foreign customers.
Customer’s special requirement is also available.

PDC Coring Bits
Description: Good cutting fast penetration, long bit life, water pass through fluently and high efficiency in getting core. It is applied to soft to medium hard rock formation.

PDC Non-coring Bits
Description: Fast penetration, strong abrasion resistance, long bit life. It has good performance and good stability and universality for various rock formations, and it could be the first choice for general drilling

We can design and manufacture various types of PDC matrix bits with 3 to 7 blades, size ranging from 3 1/2”~12 1/2”,which are widely used in water well drilling as well as oil & gas industry

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