Engineering Cutter Tools

With rigorouis design and rationally selected meterial, this product adopts several patented technologies and is perfect in workmanship
We have a whole variety of specification varing from 13’’-21’’
It is possible to be replaced by tunnel boring machine and shield machine disc cutter imported from Wirth, Herrenknecht,Mitsubishi, Komatsu and NFM etc
Imported TIMKEN bearings are equipped to ensure large load capacity and long life
Imported or domestically famous sealings and imported lubricating oil are used to ensure reliable sealing performance
Hobs can be applied in a wide range of rock strate(from 20 to 300Mpa)

Customerized hobs can be made to meet the requirement of the customers or in according to the construction stratum conditions.

The products are manufactured with patented technology of independent intellectual property rights.
There are a variety of high-alloy steel cutter series, ball tooth cutter series , composite material cutter series shown in the following table.
The tooth shape can be customerized and designed according to the rock strata conditions or the requirement of the customers.
It is possible to be replaced by cutters imported from Wirth, Herrenknecht, Mitsubishi, Komatsu and NFM etc

The products are manuactured with rigorous design, rationally selected material and advanced technology
We can supply accessories and repair parts for disc cutter from different factories
We can repair hobs and replace TIMKEN bearings, cutters and sealing for customers

The hard alloy are of high impact wear resistance. They are imported or purchased from reliable Chinese brands. The main brands are showb in the following table
The cutter is made by high-performance air-quenching alloy steel with HRC40-50
The key position of the cutter surface will be welded with 3-5mm wear-resisting layer
The hard alloy and the cutter will be joint with medium or high-frequency brazing or inlaying
technology. The silver-base or copper-base alloy is used as welding flux
We provide interchangeable scrapers and tooth cutter for the shield machine cutters of Herrenknecht, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, NFM and LOVAT etc
Customerized tooth cutters, tearing cutters and scrapers can be made to meet the requirement
of the customers or according to the strate conditions.

Brand and Performance or Common Hard Alloy

6’’,8’’,12’’ series of ball gear hob, welding gear hob, alloy steel gear hob are suitable for saturated
uniaxial compressive strength of rock in the 10-20Mpa. They feature large load capacity, long life and reliable sealing performance.

12’’ inlaid carbide hob tooth is used for mining. The uniaxial compressive strength of rock is 80Mpa-180Mpa. It features good effect, good abrasion resistance and long service life

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